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    Home page of Kul Violins Studio web site. Violin makers Birute and Czes Kul hand make singing violins - top quality fine soloist violin family instruments.

    • violin_problems
      Violin makers Birute and Czes Kul describe some major violin related problems - old and new violin differences and ways to avoid them.

    • Violins pricing
      Violin makers in Kul Violins studio hand carve top quality fine soloist grade violins. Violin for sale - pricing according to quality.

    • Instrument prices
      Just because of that single reason (wood characteristics) it is completely impossible to know in advance the quality of a violin. Certainly, all our instruments are correct - handy, easy to play, produce nice sound etc...

  • News
    Violin world news - mainly from a violin maker's point of view.

    Kul Violins Studio. Violin makers Birute and Czes Kul hand carve fine master violin family instruments for soloist, orchestra player, teacher, student and amateur violin, viola, cello player.

    • Instruments
      Violin family instruments, hand carved by Kul violins studio violin makers Birute and Czes Kul. Soloist quality fine master violins to all violin payers - student, teacher, soloist.

    • Gallery
      Violin makers Birute and Czes Kul. Gallery of pictures - some their hand crafted violin family instruments.

    • Violin makers
      Violin makers Birute and Czes Kul - history of their activities as violin makers and repairers. Testimonials from violin family instrument players etc.

      • Birute
        Violin maker Birute Kul - major violin maker in Kul violins studio, hand carve fine singing violin family instruments - violin, viola, cello

      • Czes
        Violin maker Dr. Czes Kul is highly interested in violin family instruments applied acoustics. His area of interest - acoustical peculiarities of old antique (Stradivarius, Guarneri etc) and new violins sound

      • About us
        We both (Birute and Czes) are European newcomers (2003) to NZ - a couple of violin makers and researchers. We are undoubtedly addicted to violin family instruments.

      • Our way
        We produce all the violin family instruments - violin, viola and cello in the style of great Italian classical works. These mainly include famous Italians: Guarneri Del Gesù and Antonius Stradivarius.

      • Our experiments
        Nowadays musicians everywhere and always are alike - they want more sound from their instrument.

      • Our thoughts
        Our preference is instrumental music. But I do visit good opera occasionally too. Voices of well trained classical singers fill up biggest halls without any amplification.

  • Services
    Violin makers Birute and Czes Kul hard carve top quality fine singing violin family instruments. They also provide all major and minor violin services: maintenance, repair, setup, evaluation...

    • Maintenance
      Some aspects of violin maintenance are working with cracks, bridge, fingerboard, pegs, cleaning ... Each of these operations can help in avoiding more serious problems, when performed in time.

    • Setup
      Violin family instrument setup - basic operation for proper violin usability and maximum sound generation. Proper setup can improve violin sound, but can not create bad violin into good one.

    • Repair
      Some other aspects of violin maintenance are working with cracks, bridge, fingerboard, pegs, cleaning ..., which must dealt with promptly performing well-timed repair.

    • Evaluation
      Violin makers Birute and Czes in the Kul Violins Studio can estimate some aspects of instrument origin, but they mainly are concerned about essential technical aspects of an instrument evaluation, i.e. its suitability for employment by musician.

    • Service prices
      It is almost impossible to state exact prices in advance (to treat unseen). Because of this reason it is impossible to set an exact price, so all prices below are guidelines only.

  • Testimonials
    Anybody searching for a good instrument or reliable services experience similar questions and hesitations. Testimonials are highly helpful in such situations.

    • Testimonial 1
      Reference to violin makers Czes and Birute Kul by viola professor

    • Testimonial 2
      Testimonial to a couple of violin makers Czes and Birute Kul by best national violin soloist

    • Testimonial 3
      What violin etc players say - these are several excerpts of what stringed instrument players said over a decade of violin makers - repairers Birute and Czes Kul activities.

    • Testimonial 4
      Testimonial from first our NZ student

    • Testimonial 5
      Testimonial from Levin, NZ - violin-viola-cello player

    • Testimonial 6
      Testimonial from top NZ violin musicians and teachers

    • Testimonial 7

  • Articles

    • Czes' articles
      Dr. Czes Kul's violin related articles

      • Ideal violin sound
        Living in Vilnius, the capital of the Baltic country of Lithuania, my wife Birute and I were involved in creating, repair and maintenance of violin family instruments. As I was always thinking that the main violin aspect is it sound, I started gathering information about ideal violin sound...

      • Some violin setup basics
        Violin (viola, cello), being (or, strictly speaking, looking) quite simple, is very delicate as well as complex instrument and therefore require a lot of steady care.

      • Stradivarius violin sound
        Looking for Stradivarius violin? Why? Certainly, there are a few reasons for doing so, and the most important is magnificent sound.

      • The Glory of Cremona
        "The Glory of Cremona" gives anybody a possibility to touch the most difficult to catch area - violin sound. That's exceptional CD, giving us a possibility to listen sound of 15 best ever created violins, recorded in identical conditions.

      • Fine violin
        FINE VIOLIN! When? Why? . . . These and other questions came to my mind quite a some time ago - just after I started my job as a violin maker.

      • Custom violin
        Every violin family instrument player wants a custom violin - instrument that suits him or her the best. All essential violin characteristics can be easily divided into two big groups.

      • Violin making
        To make a violin, take the wood and carve away all that is not the violin. That's simple. That's true. The tricky thing is - how to know what is not the violin? However, at least the main question remains: What it is a violin? WHAT IS A VIOLIN?

      • Violin advice
        Who really could advice ? That's surely a quite complicated question. There are several answers: Just anybody. Any violinist has own experience, preferences, opinion, taste ??? Or . . .

      • Violin maker's future
        We are constantly looking for different possibilities to improve our created violin - appearance as well as acoustic characteristics (loudness, timbre, projection...). Are we lucky? There is no simple or emphatic answer.

      • Stradivarius case
        No doubt, fine violin and Antonius Stradivarius (Antonio Stradivari) are organically interlaced, most probably forever. Therefore, to enter the violin world as deep as possible, one definitely must pay attention at Stradivarius phenomenon.

        • Stradivarius violin maker
          To evoke the wonders of what transpires when a bow touches the strings of a Stradivarius violin, musicians speak of the sound and tone in terms of light and dark; of color, texture, and emotion; of electricity, taste and temperament.

        • Stradivarius phenomenon
          When asked, what is the most important thing in the entire violin world, everybody will readily answer: Stradivarius violin

        • Stradivarius' innovations
          With astounding prescience, Stradivarius recognized that in time, greater demands for volume and sonority would be made upon the violin. Somehow he foresaw, if not precisely the symphonies and orchestras...

        • Stradivarius' psychology
          Questions. Questions. Even more questions. Sometimes answers. More often assumptions. That is a today's view at Stradivarius violins.

      • Violin makers' philosophy
        No doubt, details are extremely important. This is absolutely true when making musical instruments. Every detail is of importance when a maker tends to create nice sound for a beautiful violin ...

      • Violin maker's thrusts

      • Power of advertisement
        I am always so excited reading such kind of advertisements

      • Violin world
        Lots of violins and sounds around . . . Lots of opinions . . . Which violin sound is best? Probably old Italian? Who could advise?

      • Violin essence
        If you take a violin, you can make it sound 50 different ways. Not just pizzicato and played by the bow, but ponticello, and harmonics, and tremolos...

    • Articles by other luthiers
      Surfing Internet I noticed some valuable (at least interesting) violin-related articles, written by other luthiers.

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    Our areas of interest in general can be divided into three big areas. Two of them point with no exception to violin related web sites.

    • Major links
      Our areas of interest in general can be divided into three big areas. In this section included links to most important sources.

    • Links to luthiers websites
      It is almost impossible to collect all the links to web sites of every violin maker or repairer...

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      Our areas of interest in general can be divided into three big areas. Here are links to other - additional web sites

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    Kul violins studio - contact information

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At last I have my ideal violin. I turned down 14 instruments which came from all around the country, including an original cremonese violin, which I just couldn't convince myself to like. However I had no second thoughts about my new violin, made by Czes and Birute Kul, and instantly knew this was the one. The violin has very clean articulation and a sweet tone, also
projecting well. I have had many compliments about it. A lot of careful workmanship has obviously gone into the violin, which is very elegant and distinctive in looks. Before you look anywhere else, I strongly recomend Czes and Birute. It could save a lot of trouble, time and money.

Sarah K., Wellington

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