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Custom violin sound

How to choose an instrument

Every violin family instrument player wants a custom violin - instrument that suits him or her the best.

All essential violin characteristics can be easily divided into two big groups:

Violin appearance

This group of preferences is quite easy to imagine. Everybody has personal preferred external characteristics:

  • colour
  • hue
  • style (Stradivarius etc) ...

Somebody may wish antiqued violin, while others - just plain, tidy, newly looking instrument etc.

Violin sound

No doubt, just the area of violin sound has been least understood, so lots of enigmatic stuff blow around this matter.

To increase understanding of major aspects of violin sound I wrote several? interconnected articles:

  • Ideal violin sound - quite long description of different constituents of violin sound
  • Fine violin - article, describing a phenomenon named Fine Violin - from different viewpoints
  • Stradivarius violin sound - analysis of most famous violin maker's Antonius Stradivarius violin sound basics
  • The Glory of Cremona - description of probably the best tool helping to create ideal violin sound

What a good violin must contain

It is quite easy to imagine extremely beautiful violin, having no all or some of these sound constituents:

  • pleasant - sweet and singing
  • rich
  • equal in all registers
  • good projection ...

However, just in the area of violin sound exist lots and lots of bad stuff:

  • cheat
  • speculation
  • persuasion ...

This area of big and well organised fraud is most thoroughly described in a series of articles of Chicago violin makers:

What we can propose for you

We are violin makers, hand crafting new fine violin family instruments. We can create a custom violin according to a player preferences. We manage violin sound to some extension, so it is possible to order a Stradivarius or Guarnerius style sound violin.

We also can handcraft a violin, when there are specific requirements for an instrument to be playable, for example:

  • violin for left handed
  • violin for lady with small hand
  • smaller or bigger distance between string and fingerboard ...

The most important aspect - violin sound

If you are interested in any of our created instrument and pay major attention at the sound, please take a look at these articles:

If you are interested in more details of our created instruments or wish to order custom violin according to your preferences, please
contact us.

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At last I have my ideal violin. I turned down 14 instruments which came from all around the country, including an original cremonese violin, which I just couldn't convince myself to like. However I had no second thoughts about my new violin, made by Czes and Birute Kul, and instantly knew this was the one. The violin has very clean articulation and a sweet tone, also
projecting well. I have had many compliments about it. A lot of careful workmanship has obviously gone into the violin, which is very elegant and distinctive in looks. Before you look anywhere else, I strongly recomend Czes and Birute. It could save a lot of trouble, time and money.

Sarah K., Wellington

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