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Czes' violin related articles

I sometimes write violin-related articles. Please visit this web site often, if you are interested in violin affairs from a violin maker's point of view. Some day you most probably will find new article here.

To some undoubtedly violin is just a wooden box. Certainly - not to everybody. At the same time it creates many difficult questions. A big team of enthusiasts worldwide is trying to answer those questions. Some of those answers can be found in my and other luthiers articles

  • Ideal violin sound - quite a long overview, written March 2004. It undoubtedly covers some of the most essential violin sound aspects
  • Some violin setup basics - this is a version of an article, published in October 2004 'Soundpost' magazine (NZ)
  • Stradivarius violin sound - description of this highly sophisticated and complex phenomenon. I tried to go deeply into the area and show that art and craft of fine violin making still is alive
  • The Glory of Cremona - analysis of famous and highly helpful CD "The Glory of Cremona", where Maestro Ruggiero Ricci played 15 violins, created by most known Cremona violin makers, is provided
  • Fine violin - my thoughts and analysis of available information concerning fine violin phenomenon
  • Custom violin - guidelines how we can help to choose proper violin according to personal preferences etc
  • Violin making - some thoughts and ideas for those thinking about own made violin
  • Violin advice - wondering who could advice concerning a proper violin - take a look at this article
  • Violin maker's philosophy - Traveling through the way of life, we have often faced two contradictory phrases - "God is in details" and "Devil is in details"
  • Violin maker's thrusts - No matter, whether he or she is a violin creator, sculptor, gardener, writer or designer - everybody travels all over his own maze with his own experience and point of view ...
  • Violin maker's future - some my thoughts about violin maker's craft etc
  • Stradivarius case - some thoughts and explanations concerning Stradivarius phenomenon
  • Violin essence - here I showed as many essential aspects of violin as I could find
  • Power of advertisement - I was impressed to see some violin advertisements
  • Violin world - Lots of violins and sounds around . . . Lots of opinions . . . Which violin sound is best? Probably old Italian? Who could advise?

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At last I have my ideal violin. I turned down 14 instruments which came from all around the country, including an original cremonese violin, which I just couldn't convince myself to like. However I had no second thoughts about my new violin, made by Czes and Birute Kul, and instantly knew this was the one. The violin has very clean articulation and a sweet tone, also
projecting well. I have had many compliments about it. A lot of careful workmanship has obviously gone into the violin, which is very elegant and distinctive in looks. Before you look anywhere else, I strongly recomend Czes and Birute. It could save a lot of trouble, time and money.

Sarah K., Wellington

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