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Certainly, violin is so multifaceted creature, so describe it completely seems to be impossible. However, lots of interesting articles, related to different aspects of a violin can be found.

I decided to collect some such articles here. So believe you will find lots of interesting and useful information here.

Violin players, violin concertos etc

The Violin Concerto on Record
(Alexander Machnovsky Reviews Historic Performances)

Alexander Machnovsky is an avid devotee of the violin concerto and its recorded history. He has no special training in music, and claims that all he has learned has come from a life-long habit of listening obsessively to recordings. We do not know much more about Mr. Machnovsky, nor even where he lives or where he is from. We do know that he is a retired hospital stretcher repair technician. He provides us with music reviews as the spirit moves him.

Violin Study Methods For Beginning Violinists
by Leah Megiel, Education Articles | January 7, 2005

This article will provide you with information regarding the two most popular methods of violin study-the Suzuki study method and the traditional study method. I will hare my experience, as a parent - not as a music teacher. My hope is that you will find this information valuable in helping you determine which method of study - Suzuki or traditional- would best fit your needs.

Encouraging Your Student Violinist to Practice
by Leah Megiel, Education Articles | January 7, 2005

If you find yourself immersed in violin tuning, violin fingering charts and perhaps Suzuki music you may find the following helpful.

A jazz violin virtuosa
Essence, July, 2003 by Veronica Byrd

Regina Carter loves taking risks with her music. "I try to pull the rug from under my own feet," she says. "I always try to push myself." The classically trained violinist started her career playing in jazz combos. By the time she went solo her music reflected a variety of influences, from African and Brazilian to R&B and swing. Carter took another leap with her latest CD, Paganini: After a Dream. She played all the songs on a 250-year-old violin once owned by the legendary composer and violinist Nicolo Paganini.

Latin violin history: Cuba
Latin Beat Magazine, June-July, 2004 by Luis Tamargo

Although it was once categorized by the colonial newspaper "El Aviso de La Habana" as "an indecent invention brought to us by the French," the contradanza criolla (or Creole version of the French con tredanse) was popularized in Cuba by the brassy orquestas típicas. Derived from the 18th century military bands, these "typical orchestras" eventually assimilated two violins in order to "achieve some harmonic binding and fill the rhythmic plane at the same time, by means of rhythmically repeated double strings...

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